• Shalini Devi

The Falling Leaves

Updated: May 6

The falling leaves they touch my soul

To where they blow, none shall know

With grace and beauty they glide and twirl

Creating a carefree path that swirls

Through the imagination with delight

Having borne witness to such a beautiful sight

And though they may seem but hapless wanderers

Do not be fooled by these brave adventurers

Although their paths may seem this way and that

This is only meant to distract

Each flutter is made with purposeful strokes

Unveiling a clear path as time unfolds

And so if the falling leaves cross your path

Know they invite you to join their dance

Abandon the fixation of your believed destination

And let the winds of purpose move you

Let the gusts of passion spin, flip and twirl you

Like the beautiful leaves on their journey so true

Listen, the leaves are calling to you

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