• Shalini Devi

The King and Queen of the Light

Once upon a time… there was a King and his Queen, who loved their people more than life itself. They wore the red robes of passion, fire, intensity, and great command of their people in the world. They fought, lived and died on behalf of humanity. Princess and Commander, King and Queen, warriors in battle together, and leaders of the great ages. Depending on what was needed on the planet, they’d always incarnate in the roles required of them, to lead the people forward, into a different age. With great sacrifice to themselves, as their love was meant to transform - it always challenged the norm. Whether challenging society’s rules of commoner in love with nobility, General and his Queen forbidden to love one another, Sailor and the sea – always separated and longing for one another. Always in a hopeless embrace of love to show the rules of man could not conquer the rules of the heart – of what the Divine Source intended for its creation - the truth that there is only love.

They fought, lived and died as examples to humanity of what truly mattered – love above all else. Sacrificing themselves and their precious love to do so, for how else do we learn but through our own experience? And by witnessing the experience of others? How else to prove the truth of love, but to test it time and time again, and watch as it continues to endure, as it continues to rise above all else? As all the lies fall away, and only the truth remains. Only love able to bear this test of time, defeating even death, it being the only eternal truth.

The King and Queen then evolved even further as the planet’s needs evolved, and they returned, donning the blue robes of the Priest and Priestess…the healers…the Divinely ordained keepers of this place they called home. Sent forth to heal humanity with their presence, and their love above all else. Their love enduring the separation required to bring light to dark. Their light was so bright – with their love for humanity so strong, they gave their lives in service to us all. These Guardians of the night. Again, with great sacrifice they came, putting aside their love for the greater good of humanity’s need – not realizing it was their love that was the key, to unlock this deadlock of light and dark - to transform the night, into light. With their great sacrifice of love above all else, to keep one another hidden, so they could light up the night – without their light being sabotaged by the dark, before it was time. Because the dark knew of these two – having watched them for ages bring so much light to humanity with their pure love. It always wanted to stop them from achieving their Divine duty – to bring humanity into the light. They fought anyway – giving it all they had, dedicating their lives to mastering the arts of healing, love and light to bring the planet forward from the night. Their saving grace being the moments they shared together, no matter how few, the only way they could keep fighting, the strength of their love being what allowed them to do so. Two of the greatest Warriors of the Light – achieving it all with the power of their love, the greatest source of their might.

For ages this occurred – until it was finally their time. Having achieved the purpose they had set out to fulfill, their blue robes taken from them, as these saviours of humanity entered the Golden Age of Light. Donning pure white robes – the White King and his beloved White Queen – angels of the night – finally allowed to show all they were and become one with one another in the Age of Light. The periods of the darkness never having permitted them to do so, as the world was not yet ready – finally it was their time. The world ready for their light. Having fought together for the ages to finally be together – they finally came to peace having achieved their mission, and retired to the sea where they lived out their days together, happily.

We are blessed to have known them on this Earth.

The King and Queen of the Light.

May they be at peace, as One, in paradise.

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