• Shalini Devi


Piercing eyes that could see straight through to the very core of you...

Never a lie could be told to him...not with that gaze of fire it would make you burn within...

Such poise and grace like no other... even in the midst of a battlefield the King's horse could always be found with no banner

The winds... the earth... the river spoke of his name...

Only the fire he would not venture near... as it has claimed his lover

The only foe he could not conquer

And when he spoke... the world listened... magic on his tongue...even if barely a whisper

Cross him...and as she would say...his little lover...

You're done

His sword could cut through you whether at the dinner table or on the battlefield... sharp wit, or blade, it didn't matter

But a heart of Gold... is how he got his name

As - Tiar

Of Golden Heart.

The One Who Remembers.

King Astiar... No Other.


King of Golden Heart

She calls upon You.


And no other.

Tell him to rise...

I fight for no other.

You can see him... he's right there

That's my King.

The one with the Golden Eyes...

Radiating Presence

And warm glow.



I bow to no other.


- Queen Meliara Astiar (energetic seal)

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