• Shalini Devi

The Everlasting Sunset

Have you ever gazed into the light of the setting sun, and wondered how the beauty of the yellow, the orange and the pink had crept into the sky, which was once the epitome of all that is blue? You realize it happened in a moment that blurs into the moment before and meshes with the moment after. The moment when the sky became a glorious array of golden yellow and burnt orange, and then in all its glory, blushed a deep pink, captivates you to the point where the moment before this grand transformation becomes a memory lost at sea in the tossing waves of your mind. It is now just a faint memory of what was, and no longer part of what could be.

The thought of what could be stirs feelings of excitement and some fear deep within you but the beauty that is the sunset erases all doubt from within your mind and gives you faith that you are ready for all that is to come.

You are my sunset.

The majestic event that eclipsed all others before and meshed with those that came after.

You are the common thread that strings together the events of my life. Moments have come and they have gone, but you remain, the anchor to a swirl of instances.

If anyone asked me what it is I feel for you, all I can say is what I feel for you no longer has anything to do with me. It has evolved from the initial flirtatious moments of excitement and charm, from the blushes and the soaring of my heart. My love for you has manifested itself into something separate, something that has only simply to do with you.

My love is like a bubble that surrounds you. It instils within me the power and courage to do anything in this universe to protect you from anything outside of it that can hurt you. And if anything does get through and hurts you, it is as if I have been punched, the bubble burst, and my heart unable to take the pain of the hurt that you feel. Even more so, the pain becomes unbearable if it is ever me to be the one to burst the bubble, and hurt you.

From the inside, I only wish that you feel happiness and love, that you can experience joy and achieve all your wishes in life. When you feel this, the bubble swells in my heart and there is no other happiness in the world that you can give me that compares to this: seeing you happy with that smile on your face and your eyes light up.

My love for you has created a bond that I can never shake. No matter what happens in life, it will always remain. It intertwines me with you, and you with me, until I forget the moment when it was not so, the moment that seems like a lifetime ago, the moment before my love for you. And I know there will only ever be that moment before, as the threads that have woven my love for you have left no ends that I may pull on to create an after. And so, it is present in my every breath: my love for you. And no matter the trials and tribulations that may thrash us in the wind, or the tremors that will shake the surface, nothing can break that bond. And in those moments of chaos, I need only reach out and grab it, and all becomes calm and steady again; the only evidence of the storm: a rainbow painting the sky.

You are my everlasting sunset. And like the sunset, you remind me how beautiful life is and make me want to become so much more than I am to be worth such a blessing.

And so how to describe my love for you? My love is. It just is.

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