• Shalini Devi

The Journey

Updated: Jul 28

It was a day unlike any other. A day when my life turned upside down. I still feel I'm recovering from the shock of what that day led to, in the unfolding of this journey I have been on ever since. I know I am still very much a novice on this journey of life that has so unexpectedly asked me to join its dance - however, I can say I have been paying close attention along the way. Noticing the world in quite a different light, with the filters removed from my vision. It has been all kinds of things - sad, full of despair, frustrating, angry, confusing, heartbreaking and full of a gut-wrenching sorrow and shame - but so has it been enlightening, funny, deeply moving, genuine, blooming with growth and bursting with love and compassion and the sweetness of the Divine nature of life that pervades everything there is. I have found unexpected allies in the strangers I have met along the way, and in friends who may never have revealed the depths of their souls to me, if this did not occur.

I may still be journeying and very much at the mercy of the great Divine unfolding - or in other words - which way the winds blow me, the river carries me, the Earth holds me and the fire ignites me onwards...but I do feel I have a thing or two to share of what I've discovered along the way. Things I have learned that have revealed themselves as truths to me, that I'd love to whisper back to the winds in hopes they'll reach another ear, much like mine - listening, always listening for some wisdom and guidance along the help one like me, who may also be searching for what it all means.

I hope these writings reach you like they did me, as I journeyed deep into the forest of my soul where I was gently asked to let go of all I knew, to allow myself to be transformed into someone I may barely recognize, but is more me than ever before. My wish for you is that you find all the light you are along the way. May it light your way on this crazy, whimsical, heart-wrenching journey of beauty that is life. Talk again soon.

Thanks for listening,


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