• Shalini Devi

The Master Plan Maker

You were always the Plan Maker.

The greatest of them all…

And no ordinary type of Plan Maker… a Master at that.

Always had a trick up your sleeve… or maybe two…

And I remember now, I always used to play along.

You were the Stage Master, and I, your leading lady. Usually the damsel in distress, who you’d come save eventually. Heroic roles you gave me, equally as crazy – always a hair breadth’s distance away from being eaten by crocodiles, or drowning in the ocean, or lit aflame by some mob, and then you’d come and remind me we were only acting, for me to play along.

And only after I’d learned my lessons, only after I became the hero of my own story, would you come along and rescue me.

And you’d always smile at me when you’d finally come, and I was an inch from some sort of devastation, and I’d want to wring your neck for waiting so long, and you’d smile and tell me – but darling, it was all part of the plan. Don’t you remember I always promised you I’d never not come for you?

And so, we go on lifetime after lifetime of your insanely ingenious plans. I’d always wonder how you did it, how you always found a way out, a happy ending, some magical, crazy feat of the imagination.

You’d say – darling, my plans are so top secret, I’m not even privy to them myself. Just taking it a step at a time as I go along.

To which I’d lose it again and say, you’d risk my life just to prove yourself right?

Which is when you’d get very serious, and you’d abandon the act, for just that one moment, and say - darling, I would never, never risk you, not for anything in this world or the next – I will always, always, always come for you. For I am the Master Plan Maker, and when it comes to you – my plans will never fail.

To which I’d smile and take a bow – ready to play out the next act with you.

Sometimes I forget we are all actors in this play, all playing out these roles in this great Divine unfolding.

Sometimes I get lost in the character – in the impossibility of it all.

And so, in those moments, you’d always appear to remind me, of who I truly am, of your love for me, of what is true, what is real. Show me some sign in the midst of the whole ordeal to let me know you’re still here in it all, you’re still coming for me. That somehow, someway you’ll always, always, always still come rescue me from it all.

And then you’d pull a flower from your hat, and make me smile. Or snap your fingers and make something appear that wasn’t there before. With that glitter in your eye and that sly smile, to remind me you’ve got it – you’re in control of it all – unbeknownst to us all. You included, as you'd always say.

Because the best plans are the ones the mind can’t overplay. So, the great soul you are hides it from even yourself. From us all – so we can learn, so we can grow, so you can still keep protecting us all.

You and your Master Plans. Make me laugh until this day, never a more brilliant soul have I ever known. The idea that there is only one way – like the Avengers Endgame level kind of plans – where it could look like it’s all gone to hell before you come back with a tip of your hat and a happy ending as well… How you do it, I do not know…

You and I, we go way back, playing out these Master plans of yours… at great peril to both you and myself. Why, you might ask? Because they always had only one aim – the greatest plan of all – Our Happily Ever After, once and for all.

And so I wait for you to take a bow, your greatest plan yet to ever be achieved.

All I know is when it comes to you – nothing is as it seems.

And don’t worry too much about me. Even if it seems your plans have failed, I’ve learned a thing or two in all this time of playing out eternity with you.

That somehow, someway, you will always come for me.

And in the meantime, I know it’s all just a play, so we can learn the greatness of ourselves and become stars in God's play.

Don’t worry if I may seem sad, if you doubt your own brilliance as your plans seem to fall apart, or if you feel you have no plan at all.

For I am here to remind you, you are the Master Plan Maker.

And I am stronger than I may seem.

I had to be,

For I am your girl.

This is how I was created to be.

Just playing my role.

Don’t worry, I’ll always have a few tricks left up my sleeve.

How could I not? I learned from the best after all.

I’m in it with you until the end –

the greatest finale yet to be,

of You & Me.

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