• Shalini Devi


When I look at her,

I always wonder,

How the moon can shine through her face,

the sun beam from her chest,

and the stars twinkle from the depths of her chocolate almond eyes.

How the ocean can ripple through her hair, cascading in waves,

singing a song of ancient days.

How her skin is as smooth as buttermilk, wrapped in honey,

with tales of battles she has fought and won,

written in the crevices, constellations and etchings of this canvas aglow.

I wonder how her smile can light up a dark room,

and bring warmth when all was once stark and dry in an unforgiving cold.

How her laughter can awaken a forgotten truth so deep inside.

How her fingers and toes carry fairy dust,

sprinkling everything she touches with magic,

as they transform into all the wonder they hold within.

I wonder how she can wield the winds and seas with her fiery grace,

contained only by the Earth’s embrace.

How her love carries the world on her shoulders.

The animals and plants she bears a home for,

carried in the cradle of her hips,

Humanity’s protection, a whisper on her lips.

A darkness she fights with her heart of gold,

To bring back the cherished days of old,

When she was the Earth and the Earth was she.

She has come now in true form,

To help us remember the truth of who we are,

So we can set ourselves free.

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