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A Warrior's Manifesto

he asks,


Where is my Sunshine?


Where has she gone?


In all the battling, in all the suffering and pain, I have lost my sun, my moon, my Earth.


Where is my Sunshine girl?


The beauty of the Moon?


Where is my beloved Goddess of the great worlds?  


Where is my Sunshine?


Please find her for me, I am lost without her.


Tell her it's in her joy, in her love, in her laughter she will find me, always.



she replies,


Dear one, I am the warrior of the Earth.  


Show me the way, I have lost my ground.  


Show me the light once more, my love, I have lost my way.  


Lost it trying to find you, in all the chaos of this world.  


I have lost you and nearly perished.  


What would you have me do, my Lord?


Show me the way home, to myself, to you.  



He says,


In your laughter,


In your song this world will be reborn.


Lay down your sword, it is not a journey for you to take any longer.  


You have repaid your karma 10-fold.  You have served this Earth well.


Lay down your life to me dear one, and let me breathe into it anew - allow me to give you life once more.  


Where we can sit together, and enjoy the rest of our days on this Earth.  


This paradox of light in dark.  


And know that it is in our love, our light, our joy this world will be remade once more.  


My darling Shakti, will you let me give you life once more?



she replies,


Yes, my love.  I surrender to you all I am, take me as yours.


And let us begin our love again.


I choose to be reborn.



She asks,


What will happen now, my love?



He answers,


You will begin anew darling.  It is time for you - the sun has come for you.  It is time to rise anew.




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