• Shalini Devi


The day we fell beneath the sea is one I will probably never be able to forget, seeing as the memory of it has survived this journey across both space and time. It is not one that is pleasant to remember but sometimes the greatest of lessons we have learned are not always pleasant but rather necessary to remember in hopes they do not repeat themselves again... much like the history of humanity and this planet itself. So maybe this is why I remember... so we will never forget.

The night before they came, we sat at a table watching each other, for it was the last we would know of our life together in Atlantis. The devastation was coming, and as the leaders of the continent would not take heed, we as Guardians of the Palace of Light decided to take matters into our own hands. You looked at me, then at the crystals sitting on the table, and then back at me again.

We had been ordered by the High Priestess of the Temple at the Palace to take the crystals into hiding... far, far away where the dark forces that had all but taken control of Atlantis would not find them. Where humanity could hope to begin again, once the flood had come and gone, as was foretold.

We knew the window we were given was not long, we had until morning to get the crystals out of the city before their disappearance was noticed... yet we sat there staring at one another.

Your hazel eyes bearing straight into me, as if to my soul itself. As your gaze shifted...



Me again.

As if you were trying to memorize this moment somehow.

These crystals held the secrets of our people, keys to the city, as well as to the life force that sustained it - Life Force itself. Source energy available to all who had them - which could be used for either great good - and unfortunately due to their immense power - great evil too.

This is why we had to get them out. Because as much as they could be used to protect the city from the Great Flood, and even possibly save the civilization from destruction - they would also be able to fall into the wrong hands of those in power who were ruling from only a place of destruction and control.

The old ways of the people had been forgotten - the Divinity within each being set aside for the aims of both power and control over others. What was the point of saving a civilization for the goal of its own self-destruction, rather than saving the last hope humanity had of starting again in the Light.

Or so we were told.

There was a legend of these crystals... blue like the Southern Sea... The Queen's Jewels they were called... not because they adorned her being, but because they could only be commanded by herself, or one of her lineage - her direct descendants. For they held within them the encryption only she or her bloodline could unlock to protect the city in danger, or to pass on the Divine knowledge held within the crystals to start humanity all over again... from where Truth resides in the heart of each being - Source energy flowing through the crystals to unlock each being to remembrance of the truth of who they are. And a civilization built on Truth could never see its fall - much unlike the one that had forgotten... the one that swayed from the path of Truth into illusion and destruction, who refused to heed warnings of a great flood for the ambition of being too great to fall.

You know what they say about those who feel they are too big to fall.

They fall the hardest.

Guard them with your life Meliara... she had told me... and so, as a Priestess of the High temple of old, I set out to do just that.

And where I went, it was there you would always follow. Even when I begged you to stay in hopes yours would be a far less severe fate than mine would likely turn out to be.

No, you were coming anyway.

If you couldn't protect the crystals for me, you'd protect me instead. This is where your duty lies, is what you told me.

Up to the caves on the continent across the sea, we were to take them. On high ground so when the flood waters receded, they would be found by those who remembered. Like seeds, allowing a new civilization to grow. One that would learn from our mistakes, and not take the fall we once did.

One who would know better... we hoped.

We set sail at dawn... across the great ocean... under the cover of darkness, yet guided by the oncoming light.

A merchant vessel we were disguised as... as we took the heart of the city... right out from under its eyes.

We sailed for countless days and nights, with nothing but sea in all lines of sight.

I was always the serious one. I tried to stay vigilant, my focus never leaving the crystals. Yet you looked at me, cared for me, loved me as if I were the crystals themselves, or as you'd say, something far more precious.

The day they came for us, I knew the time had come... the imminent doom I knew would arrive from the moment the High Priestess handed me the crystals. It was a ship that approached us, armed with canons directly aimed at us, with a wizened old man, with a long white beard at the helm, dressed in long black robes. The robes of the Dynasty.

Someone out of a movie like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is what he looked like, but he struck the fear of God into me, upon sight.

They had found us.

I raced on deck to signal our archers hidden from sight, but there were too many of them, more ships approaching from behind.

And that's when you raced on deck, and my heart dropped through the floor. The crystals, everything, erased from my mind as you drew your sword... I was running... running to push you away, back down below where you couldn't be seen, but it was too late. The first shot fired, aimed at me, but hit you instead.

And although the canon struck you directly in your torso, it was as if I had been gutted instead. All life drained from me as I stared at you - and the last thing you did was stare back at me, one last time...


The crystals.

Me again.

And with that, you pushed me with all your might off the side of the ship as I screamed a scream I did not know existed in me - one of loss and despair and rage and helplessness and horror all at once - as I landed in the water - and the ship exploded - taking you with it...

What happened to me... to the crystals after that I do not know. All I remember is the grief I felt as my heart exploded in front of my eyes.

But in that very moment of heart-wrenching pain, the crystals went aglow... and they shone in their blue light... and went straight into the pain - straight into my heart as if I called them into me...

The Queen's Jewels had one more secret never told to me... as they were only able to be commanded by the Queen, and her direct bloodline.

And the High Priestess had sent me.

There was a saying in Atlantis that the crystals were the heart of the Sea. That they were given to us as a gift, so we may remember the Truth of all there ever was to be...

That day the crystals entered my heart, and vanished from the sea, and my last thought before it all went dark... was perhaps, the crystals could be held by more than the Sea... that they were one with life force itself... and so... could be held inside of me. By the life force within me... my soul itself.

What became of me I do not know...

But I'd like to think these crystals survived on in my soul, ready to awaken the Earth and it's people once more, when the time was right to fulfill the wish of old... to learn from our mistakes of lust, anger, power and greed, and remember the True Self within.

That is Divinity itself... and let us create this world again, from the Truth of Ourselves...

With Love, Peace and Harmony...

and most of all... True Divinity.

So, just know when you died protecting me... it was for so much more than only me... it was for the hope for humanity.

But I know what you would say.

That's exactly what you saw, when you looked at me.

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