• Shalini Devi

Kingdom of Heaven

Whenever God wanted a battle won, he'd send us.

Why us?

I don't know. Maybe it was our talent for trouble. Maybe because we were always crazy enough to go. Maybe because we laughed in the face of danger, so sure we were of our maker. The great Creator. Fighting for him, what could ever go wrong? You and I, Warriors of Heaven.

I remember you that morning, as the sun would rise as our battle cry. You on your horse, your armour shining, positioned at the fold overlooking the valley. Where the armies of the darkness would spill towards us across the battlefield. And you, with your commanding presence, with your immeasurable poise, surveying it all as if a painting brought to life.

Watching you, that was the most beautiful part of the painting for me. Your stance as you readied yourself for battle was always my favourite because you looked like you were about to fly through their army straight to the other side, onto the Divine, where there was only peace and bliss to be found - this is what you focused on, that peace that shone through your face.

And as the army would charge towards us across the field, you'd turn to look at me, you'd give me that winning smile of yours, and a wink... just before you'd raise your sword and onwards we went over the cliff plunging behind you like a great extension of your arm, straight at whatever ghastly foes we faced, because we followed you.

And there was one thing your armies of the Light always knew, nothing could ever go wrong when we followed you. Because you and I, we followed Him, the One we fought for, with our every breath - and when you follow the Divine, what could ever go wrong?

The funny thing was, when we all looked to you - our Commander at Arms - you would be looking only towards me, right by your side. As if in my blowing wild hair, the colour of flames, in my golden armour, in my glistening sword reflecting the dawn's first light, you found your reason to go to battle. Because you and I were always a team. There was no me without you, or you without I.

And this is how we always won, you and I. Together - As One.

We would hit them straight on, that exchanged look between us right before we struck them head on, and we would begin. You to the left, me on the right, weaving amongst them like a dance. Twisting and turning and leaping and ducking - then if they were lucky - those foes of ours, they'd get to see us in hand to hand combat, backs together, as we turned in a circle. Impenetrable by anyone as they would watch us move seamlessly, defending to the end, because what was your weakness, was my strength, and your strength, my weakness - and the invisible threads that so harmoniously weaved us together - the power of our Love for one another. The greatest strength we were given from our Maker.

It was quite a display, one for the books as they'd say - the love of Shiva and Shakti.

Destroyers, warriors, bringers of a new dawn we were. That's what God always sent us in for.

It is why we were made, so creation could begin again.

And when we were done, their lines broken, their armies devastated and retreated back from whence they came, we'd celebrate our victory in the light underneath the fully glowing Sun of a new light. A rebirth of sorts, the time of devastation over for a new dawn.

And you and I could ride off into the sunset to enjoy the peace we helped create as we fought always,

for the Light.

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