• Shalini Devi


She wore a golden crown…braided into the curls of her hair… strands of orange fluttering amongst the crowds – her fiery hair bowed down to none…

Lips red like the rose…

A smile like sunshine on a cloudy day….

She was my Queen…

She always will be….

There came a day for her to rise again

To save humanity

Where is she… show me the girl with the golden crown who bowed down to none…

Show me the one who whispered with the winds…

Heard the calls on the breeze of those that needed her

Show me the one who would lie in a field of green

Underneath the blue sky with wonder in her eyes…

The one who danced with the fireflies under the moon lit night…

Show me my Queen

I will bow down to no other.

Show me my Queen

And I will rise again.

I fight for no other.

- Astiar

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