• Shalini Devi

On Love

A few words on this is all I have yet a profound lesson it has been in my life. And it is this, Love does not depend on outcomes. Or rather, love is not proven or disproven by the way it all turns out.

Love just is.

I think people sometimes misunderstand what love actually is. Love isn't mushy, fairy tale, I'll do whatever you want me to, be whatever you want me to, kind of love. Love is Truth. Love can be hard. Love can mean walking away. Love can mean saying No. Love can mean choosing not to give yourself away and standing in the truth of your own power through love of your own self. Love is not an emotion, or a casual flicker of the mind. Love is the truth of who we all are, and when we follow love, when we choose love, we follow the greatest, deepest yearnings of our soul that are given to us by the Source itself. And there is nothing more sacred than that. Love is that truth and sometimes the truth is hard to bear.

Love is not attachment. It isn't holding on when something no longer serves us. Love is not guilt or obligation to someone because we feel bad to go even though our heart says so. Love is being truthful and honest with ourselves and the other, even when it is hard. Knowing that when you follow that love, rather than fear, we benefit ourselves and the other because Love is where we are truly One. The essence of our beings. So how could we ever hurt ourselves, or the other, when we follow love, because it is where we are truly one. Where all is considered in the highest good of all. Rather than fear - which encompasses guilt, obligation, anger, greed, whatever isn't love, whatever isn't truth - where there is the illusion of separation that looks to divide us, that is the opposite of truth - that is where we believe ourselves not to be One, when in truth that is what we are.

Sometimes love means saying goodbye. Even when it's hard. Because we know it is the right thing to do for ourselves and the one we love. Sometimes love is not about the happily ever after but about the time we are given together and what we do with it. That we love one another everyday, and even when we reach the seeming end, it is in love because love says, it's time to go.

Sometimes letting someone go is not because we don't love them - but because we do. And those are the ones who love us the most. That'll sacrifice themselves and us, will choose to face the grief, release the attachment and stand in their truth and face the whole world because that's what love says. Because they know, to stay would not be in our highest good. That the real harm would be in doing nothing at all, rather than taking a stand - for love. For us.

With this kind of love - this kind of Divine, selfless love, there are never any goodbyes.

Because both people become One. They reside in the hearts of one another. The time together is what allows them to do so, and once they have achieved it, sometimes it's time to let go, and allow Love to present another lesson, another way of growth for the soul to take each individual deeper on the path of what they've come on Earth to do.

Sometimes love says no. Sometimes love lets you go. Not because it isn't love, but because it is.

This kind of love is infinite, and brave, and true.

And it remains with us always, living on in our hearts and beings for what it achieves with us both. Transforming us, making us more whole, making us better - making us, more ourselves. And what greater gift is there than that? Regardless of the outcome.

I don't know much about marriage.

Marriage as far as I have seen in our world is a contract between two people agreeing to spend a lifetime together. A plan as they would say. Marriage to me should be a natural result of love, the union of two souls, but so many happen for reasons other than love. Some for guilt, obligation, fear of letting go, fear of the unknown, status, because we are a certain age or our parents say so, maybe the convenience of the other or fear of being alone. I don't know. Some call this commitment. But when a commitment is made from this place of fear, or guilt or obligation, rather than out of love, is it truly a commitment at all? Or is it just simply bondage? Because true commitment can only be made from that place of truth in our beings, where only love resides. So when we make a commitment to fear, rather than to love, who does it really serve? When we choose to live our lives enslaved by fear, rather than liberated by love? How can we hope to be true to the other, when we are not even being true to ourselves?

Marriage is an empty thing in my mind when not supported by love. The kind of love I speak of. True, Divine, Sacred Love. And sometimes that true Divine Love says no to marriage because that is what is in the highest good of us all. And that love is no less than those who experience an outcome of marriage, whether from love or not.

I don't know about marriage.

But I know about Love.

Love is Truth. And when that is the basis for marriage, and is what Love guides us to do, it is beautiful.

But love doesn't need marriage to be. Love is the truth. It is always there. It is Divine, Sacred and True.

Marriage, however, I feel, needs love to be true. Because without it, it is just a contract. And a contract cannot unite two souls. Only Love can do that. So, with or without marriage - Love is the Truth - no less or greater than what it already is. And you know what they say about Love?

You can never lose something you truly love. Because when you truly love something, it is what you are. And you cannot lose something you truly are.

And maybe that's love's gift to us all. Because it doesn't depend on the outcome, it will always just be - because to love once, is to love always, regardless of the outcome.

I bow to this Divine, sacred love. Always.

I thank you.

With my love always,


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