• Shalini Devi


Can you imagine that at the very beginning of time, you and I were particles of dust, swirling around one another in the vast expanse of this universe?

That your atoms and mine formed into the molecules of star stuff, hundreds of billions of miles away…

Can you imagine that once, as one expression of light, we became two - specks of star dust dancing in the skies, so we could explore all the spaces between you and I?

Can you imagine, we combusted as particles of gas and dust, and created the brightest stars, circling around one another - living for what felt like an eternity - until we collapsed into our cores, and burst outwards once more, still searching for the one that created it all?

Can you remember, the many planets and star systems we called home? As two rocks bathing beneath the many suns of Listara…decomposing as our matter became the plants and animals, and one day - intelligent life capable of thought and sound and awareness of ourselves? Always searching for the one we called home, written into the DNA of our souls. Still searching for one another, as we danced through both space and time.

Mother, Father, Brother, Sister, Lover, Friend, Enemy, Stranger – all these roles you have played for me, and I for you, throughout all our lives of existence.

Warriors lost in a mission at sea.

Commoner and Noble, loving one another, hopelessly.

Princess and Commander, risking our lives for love, so we could finally be together.

Protectors of humanity’s ancient secrets of Divine wisdom and grace.

Two lonely riders underneath a sea of stars on desert nights, riding free as the hawks in the sky.

That was you and I.

On a hilltop, with a sea breeze blowing, Slave and Master, forbidden to love one another, yet love they did as it was the only force holding their particles together. Stardust floating in an open sea.

You would call to me, and I to you, so many times as we circled both life and death, so we could finally be united and set ourselves free of the search that captivated us since we came into existence.

Here we are, together again, on this Earth once more, having travelled so very far across this universe, back to one another with one remaining heart’s desire:

To join as one, the way we began, and return home to that place where we were the I, before the stars began to shine.

My dear beloved,

It is finally our time.

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