• Shalini Devi

The Flight of the Phoenix

You buried me in fear...and I rose in courage.

You chained me in doubt...and my faith broke me free.

You dropped me in the pits of isolation...and I grabbed the net of love and support of my family, friends and strangers alike.

You left me in darkness...and my own flame ignited in unwavering hope.

You kicked me down...and I got up - over and over and over again.

You smashed my plans...and I blossomed in the joy of the moment.

You held me back in the dark...and my will and determination drove me forward, even as I was blind.

You snatched my dreams...and I created new ones that live and evolve safely in my heart until I am ready to pursue them.

You smothered my flame...and it engulfed you and burned even brighter.

You locked me in a box...and I created a wonderful world from all you neglected to leave behind in there with me.

You think you can take everything away...but don't you see? You can never take me.

You may rob me of my words, my memories, my energy and my physical strength - but you can't have me. Because I won't ever give up. I will never give in to you. No matter how many times I slide down this mountain, I will keep getting up and I will keep climbing until I reach the top. You are just a hurdle that I must cross. And I will overcome you. I will endure. I will make it to the finish line, and I will beat you.

And as you see me rise from the ashes, reborn to this world again, leaving you far behind in my wake - you will realize how silly you were to have thought for one second that you could break me. That you could make me lose myself. And when I look back at you, I will only carry thanks in my heart, for you were an experience that made me stronger. That made me a better person than I ever imagined I could be. Because of this battle, I have been freed - my vision and purpose crystal clear. This is why, in the end - I win.

So until then, go ahead - give me everything you've got. And watch me soar across that finish line and on to achieve all life has to offer with love, freedom and happiness as my only guides.


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