• Shalini Devi

The Man Who Fell in Love with the Wind

There was once a man. A simple man. A kind man. A man who liked to keep to himself, although he was friend to every animal and blade of grass where he lived, up in the mountains. He was quiet, and soulful and felt the presence of every creature and element of nature as he lived humbly and simply at peace and one with all that surrounded him. He was kind hearted and good to all who passed him as they journeyed through the mountains, but he was a little lonely at times, as all who came would eventually go on their way.

Still he kept his kind smile, his loving presence and cared for himself, the animals in the hills and many others that found themselves in need of his attention and care - for he was not only an ordinary man, but a healer too. A special kind of human sent to benefit all human kind, even if he didn’t know it to be true.

There was a day this man fell in love with the Wind, for she’d blow her way into his life no matter how far he’d roam, no matter where he’d go – she was his flow. She would kiss him to wake him and to put him to sleep, and give him sweet embraces all throughout the day and night. She’d blow in from the East sometimes, maybe the South – even the North when she was in a chilly mood… always heading somewhere new.

She loved this man dearly and loved to play with his hair, his laughter, and his embrace. To hear his beautiful music and songs, his wisdom and his cares. She had never seen such a beautiful man, both inside and out, so she would come find him whenever she could, just to hang about.

However, the Wind was as the Wind should be – careless and free. She roamed the Earth and the heavens above, bringing her love to all - for she was the summer breeze, the cool northern winds, the tides in the East, and the Western gusts… She was an adventurer, an explorer, no other could ever hold her in their grasp for long, she’d be blowing on through to her next adventure.

And so, as much as he loved her, the kind man was always sad for she would come and he’d want to hold her, but he could never grasp her, for she was free as the winds and could never be held by anybody. And as much as she loved him, and would hold him and surround him in her love…even she felt sadness at the separation from her love.

But he never complained. This special soul of a man… and he would love her whenever she blew through, even if he felt sad when she left him to go somewhere new.

But he began to notice the Wind would be sad too, not wanting to leave him, although she had so much to do. And though he loved her so, and didn’t want to let her go, he knew the world needed her too. So, he pretended not to love her too, thinking she’d go on her way, and be free once more.

For he loved the Wind just as she was – in all her beauty, in her wanderings, in her chaos, in her calm – in her wind storms and summer breezes and any other form she took. He loved her carefree spirit, her wild adventuring heart. And he thought to himself – he never wanted to keep her, to trap her, to make her something she was not. He loved his beautiful Wind more than life itself, and all he ever wanted was to see her set free and happy, not to be bound, even if it meant he could stay with her, he couldn’t do that to his precious Wind – his wild lover.

So, he chose to let her go. And whenever she’d come to love him, he’d turn away, he’d stop singing his beautiful music for her, stop holding her in his embrace. Stop speaking to her as they did, not responding to her stories from near and far. He began to pretend he didn’t love her, so she could be free to roam once more.

But the Wind became heart broken, and all kinds of clouds amassed and it rained for days and nights, until the hills were flooded in her agony and pain of his silence.

Because she loved him too, and without him, didn’t know what to do.

She wanted to show him - show him her freedom, her wandering, her wild spirit was not complete without him… so much did she love him too.

So, one day, when the man was missing her dearly, and pretending he didn’t love her, although it nearly broke him inside, he walked outside, and saw the most incredible sight.

He saw the winds gather and swirl in front of him and around him, as his love began to take form.

Eyes first, as blue as the sea, tumbling blond curls down to her back, legs, arms, torso, all wrapped in gusts of fabric of the finest grays, and blues, and silvers. Cheeks that blushed pink, and the reddest, softest lips.

He saw the Wind transform, into his perfect woman. And he was in awe as he stared at her – his beautiful Wind had taken form in front of him.

But he was dismayed even in his joy for all he wanted was for her to be free – and he wondered, what was she doing here with me?

And as if she could hear his thoughts, as they had truly become One in all their love for one another, she said to him,

My love, I have taken form on this Earth, only to be with you. For you are the skies, the sun, and the seas, and the four corners of this Earth in One. You are the mountains, the valleys, and the highest peaks. The plains, and the cities, and the trees.

You are everything I need and more, because you are Love.

The greatest adventure of all.

And the only thing that can set me free, because you are where I choose to be.

And with that, he took her in his arms, and finally held his precious Wind, never trapping her, only loving her for who she was, as she roamed free in all the depth and glory of his love and hers.

Liberated and free,

For all eternity. ♾️

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