• Shalini Devi

The Sun King & I

There was a time the Sun fell in love with the Moon, and the Moon with the Sun...and all the galaxy bore witness to the undying infinite love of two who could not become one.

For the Sun should rise each morning, to greet his beloved, while the Moon would fall to rest, only to wake to his departure yet again. For eons this game continued, of hidden glimpses, and a never-ending search from the desire to find one another. They never gave up though - savouring the glimpses at twilight, both dawn and dusk, when they could be together in the sky. All of the cosmos bearing witness to the beauty of how the Sun would see her, and in his love, paint his most beautiful colours across the sky, as she bathed in his majestic glow and her blush light up the night sky. In his luminous glow, never was she more alive.

They would live for these moments as lifetimes slipped by, only to remain in darkness and pain when the Sun would rise and the Moon would fall, and yet again when the Sun would set and the Moon should rise. Cursed to this existence of never being able to remain with one another - their one heart's desire. Always slipping from the grasp of one another.

One would wonder why they'd dance this dance of love, when their moments were so few and sparse between the stretches of pain and separation - only a few precious moments in the pauses of eternity. Only to love, and then lose, love, then lose, again and again, each and every day. The pain unbearable even to the galaxy in witness of such a sight, as they wondered why the Sun could not love another that was good for him, that was not as elusive as the Moon in the night sky. And the Moon, could she not love another star in the night sky, one not as unreachable as him, and end this timeless romance that painted itself across the sky?

After an eternity of bearing this painful dance, even the Sun and the Moon began to believe these fears, and tried to forget about one another. Yet in their endless cycle, the Moon could not forget his colours, or him her majestic glow as they glimpsed one another across the sky in those few moments together, and fell in love again, each time.

What they did not know, is the Sun could only love the Moon, and the Moon only the was their nature - being created for one another.

So there was a day when the universe conspired in their favour, and the Moon and the Sun were allowed to give in to the pull of their love, and they traveled towards one another across the great expanse of the sky. On this day, the galaxy witnessed an incredible sight.

As they crossed paths, and all feared they would destroy one another, the Moon asked the Sun to take her as his, for she belonged only to him, as he belonged only to her. The Sun King bowed to his Queen, and took her into his heart. And for that moment all went dark - as the Sun and the Moon collided as one, and the rays of the Sun cast her into his heart where they shall dance, forever, as one.

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