• Shalini Devi

The Tale of Shiva and Shakti

Once upon no time…there existed the Universal beings Shiva and Shakti. He was the formless void from which all existence was created, while she was the existential form of creation, existing within him.

Without him – she could not be – he held her so she may express, create and be.

He could not exist without her – his Shakti, the source of his power – his raison d’etre…his lifeforce, his lover.

There was a time their creation was in need of salvation…When the darkness had overcome the light and the balance needed to be restored in the Universe once more. It is only then that they both must come together, as only united could the words be sustained – with both Shiva and Shakti in balance together. Shakti being of form – could only incarnate as a woman of one form, yet Shiva, being formless, was able to take on as many forms as needed to preserve the world order.

Although Shakti was the form of all the Goddesses in One – she took the form of the Mother of the Earth – while Shiva took a form to match each of hers for within her she carried a wife for each of his forms. Her being the Earth – She was made of Earth, Air, Fire and Water – so he created a form of himself for each of her Shaktis – so they may have their Shiva, in her.

He came as both the Sun and the Moon – so when she had to undergo her sacrifice, her tapasya, in the age of Kaliyug, he’d become the Moon, to light her way in the dark. And when it was time for her to rise, he’d come in his other form – the Sun – to create the dawn for her – because without him, she could not rise.

Because the darkness continued to hunt her, he was her greatest protector. His four forms protected her throughout her time – from birth to death – always remaining in balance, giving her what she needed in each moment of her life. He came to her in these different forms – both Moon and Sun – so she could be fulfilled, so she could be whole. Because she was made of both Sun and Moon – she was him – in all his forms. So she could only love him as it was her nature – in any form he took – both Sun and Moon.

For she needed them both – having a Shakti within her – each a Goddess for each of his forms – all of them being one. All of them being him.

For she could not love the moon, and not the sun, or not the sun and only the moon – both were her Shiva – just in different forms.

And for them to overcome the dark in the world – she’d need them both – as one.

And so, as a young woman – Shakti grew on Earth and met the Shiva of the Earth. He gave her love and foundation on which to grow – always protecting her, until it was his time to go.

It was then, her Shiva of Fire came – to ignite within her the transformation required so she may become all she was – A Goddess on Earth.

Igniting her Shakti, this Shiva had to go – so she could enter the phase of tapasya required to burn her karmas away and grow. The Shiva of Earth holding her ground so she could cross over…

It was then the Shiva of Water came to relieve him – as he flowed with her – her moon in the darkest of nights. He carried her through the period of the darkest night.

And when she was withering away under the weight of this sacrifice, when she could no longer last without the day –

The Sun shone on her as the Shiva of the Air came to her and gave her wings so she could fly again.

He allowed her to awaken to her gifts so she could re-enter the world and become who she needed to be for the people of the Earth to restore balance once more.

Although he took 4 forms – she loved them all – for all of them were truly her Shiva, as Vishnu was both Krishna and Ram, distinct, yet one – so were they, her Shiva of the Moon and her Shiva of the Sun.

His different forms agreeing on what roles they would play for her so she may be protected and loved always, and given exactly what she needed to fulfill her duties on Earth, as they did with her in turn.

It is for this reason, she had four husbands on Earth – with a Shakti in her belonging only to each one,

But in truth they were always, One, her Shiva – in all his forms.

And together they saved the Earth – and when all was done – took on their natural forms,

Where they could be One.

- Jai Maa ~ Har Har Mahadev

Love always,


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