• Shalini Devi

You and I

Updated: May 7

Had some fun writing this one, inspired by the poem by Tyler Knott Gregson... Enjoy <3

Right out of a memory of something familiar ...yet far away in the recesses of the mind... there lies you and I. Tyler Knott Gregson inspiring my lines... Maybe a wooden porch too..with rickety old steps that creek that familiar creek when you come home from work ...and a hammock swinging in the country breeze... And the smell of freshly baked apple pie wafting on the breeze to welcome you home... sounds of a guitar playing late into the night for those passing by... where we'd sit back and watch the moon and the stars in the night sky...up all night from sunset to sunrise... dancing to some old version of the rhythm and blues... back when you would tip your hat and call me ma'am and little lady... and I'd give you a curtsy and a wink, with a yes'sir... That's more like it... Back when I was your girl, and you were my man. Back when it was just you and I...didn't need anything else... because we had each other. Lived out all our days together just like that.

Memories of a simpler time.

Just a precious forgotten memory...lost on the sands of time... Yet a beautiful, cherished memory it remains in the hearts of those who remember.

Therein lies the truth of you and I.

With my love always,


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